Getting Your Back Back : The Magic Roller Series


Dec 2022 – Online Workshop

In this series, we make “magic rollers” out of rolled-up blankets or towels to explore a range of Feldenkrais classes lying on the rollers in different positions.

These deceptively simple classes can be experienced as a pleasurable form of subtle self-massage that will leave your back softer and more supple. With awareness course!

Class Titles

01 – Connecting feet to head
02 – Roller along the spine
03 – Spine like a chain
04 – Roller behind the neck
05 – Roller behind the upper back
06 – Roller behind the pelvis
07 – Circles of the upper back and tongue

What you’ll need

For the four roller classes in this series you’ll need a large blanket or a couple of large thick towels to make various sizes of roller.

The largest roller – the one we begin with tonight – needs to be long enough so that you can lie on it with your head, spine and pelvis supported by the roller, and it should be around around 10cm (+/-5cm) in diameter before you put any weight on it.

People often ask how soft/hard it should be and how tightly to roll the material up. When you lie on it head to tail like this, it needs to be firm enough that your shoulders, ribs and your pelvis are not resting fully on the floor and it should be soft enough that it feels pleasant – you’ll feel clear support behind your head, your spine in the upper back and your sacrum but the material will mould itself a little to these areas.

Just thick enough for this is perfect – it can be thicker but it’s not necessary and in fact, as so often is the case with this work, less is more!

I guide you through making the roller but it’s great to have what you need with you before you begin.


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